"Integrity and Cooperation, Creating Values for Clients"

National-wide Distribution Services of Materials
Pre-sales, In-sales and After-sales Integration
Dedicating to Plastic and Rubber Industry 20 Years
National-wide Distribution Services of Materials

Silian's materials distribution service is centralized in Headquarter Beijing, establishing branch offices in 25 cities e.g. Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Hefei, and Zhengzhou etc. with its distribution service network spreading to the mainstream distribution regions of plastic and rubber manufacturing nationwide, as well as the places where materials manufacturers are located.

Pre-sales, In-sales and After-sales Integration

Silian has established a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with many well-known large materials production companies, creating values for upstream suppliers at the stages e.g. demand prediction, in-sales purchase and distribution, after-sales problem solving, R&D and promotion of new products etc. By doing this, it is not only able to guarantee an efficient distribution of upstream products, but assisting upstream to accelerate project approval of new products through collecting downstream demands.

Dedicating to Plastic and Rubber Industry 20 Years

Silian has been dedicated to plastic and rubber industry chain for 20 years, accumulating a number of downstream manufacturing customers, witnessing and boosting the prosperous development of plastic and rubber industry domestically. The continuous increase of downstream customers accounts for Silian's brand influence within industry that has been developed these years, as well as the closely following up demand change of downstream customers, continuously improving our own service capacity, and creating values for manufacturing industry on the other hand.

"Making Bulk Commodity Logistics Easier"

Wide Coverage

Establish 40 transit warehouses in more than 30 cities with the annual freight volume of logistics exceeding 1.1 million tons, and major business covering 18 provinces.

One-stop Service

Rely on our software and hardware facilities, professional management, and strict control of cargo to ensure one-stop service of quality check, coordinating storage capacity, and representing insurance arrangement etc.

Information System

Build professional WMS, TMS systems, fulfill systematic, visual and intelligent management for overall process of warehouse and logistics.

The subsidiary company of Silian, Beijing Xunbang Runze Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. Xunbang adheres to the "Mother-Like, Father-Like" service concept, dedicating to the logistics field of petrochemical products and progressively expanding to the business e.g. futures transaction warehouse, logistics digitization etc. based on warehouse and logistics business. Xunbang has provided high-quality warehouse and logistics service for upstream, downstream and circulation enterprises, that brings a high praise within industry.

Xunbang is one of ten professional logistics district that are mainly supported by Beijing Government. It is also the only dedicated warehouse and logistics service provider in Beijing for Sinopec, PetroChina, Shenhua Energy Group, and China Coal, initiating the application precedent of hydrogen-energy heavy truck for Beijing and petrochemical industry in 2021. Xunbang has been successively awarded as Zhongguancun High-Tech Enterprise, National High-Tech Enterprise, and Beijing "Professional, Unique, Superior and New" Middle and Small-Sized Enterprise.

Rely on the solid warehouse located in Fangshan District. Xunbang provides warehouse service for industries. It establishes four standard warehouses of Type II with total internal area is 24,000 m2. The products in warehouses are mainly polyolefin and rubber with annual throughput capacity is 600,000 tons. Service subjects include upstream production enterprises, downstream demanding enterprises and circulation companies, such like Dalian Commodity Exchange and futures customers etc. Apart from the basic warehouse business, Xunbang also provides in-warehouse cargo property transfer, regular inventory check, warehouse management system liaison, and warehouse receipt of futures etc. Xunbang provides assistance with respect to warehouse management system operation and maintenance, inventory check etc. Based on its warehouse management principles, xunbang has achieved a precise and intelligent management to cargo.

Xunbang provides logistics service for industries. It not only provides distribution service for upstream production enterprises e.g. Petrochina Yulin Petrochemical Company (Gansu-Qinghai-Ningxia Direction), Sinopec North China Chemical Marketing (150km within surroundings of Yanshan Sinopec), China Coal Yulin and Mengda New Energy (Shandong, Central China, Southwest Direction), and Hangzhou Yibang Rubber (nationwide), but also estabishes branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Changsha, Xiamen, Changzhou and Yanan to provide transport service for numerous scattered customers. Xunbang Logistics will continuously devote to logistics market by fully appling logistics transport resources in all regions and reducing logistics cost of customers at maximum through optimizing the intelligent dispatching algorithm.

"Solving Sore Point of Payment Days for Industry"

In addition to the traditional supply chain services e.g. distribution, warehouse, logistics, etc., Silian also promotes the application of various innovative business in supply chain. After actively exploring sore point for both upstream and downstream customers, Silian designes the most appropriate supply chain finance product to solve the customers’ problem of payment days.

Construct Credit Ecology by Role of Industry Portal

The purpose of performing supply chain finance is to construct a industrial credit ecology, that can guide the inclusive finance of financing institutions to be utilized by real manufacturing industry. The customer group supported by service is the relative weak small and medium-sized production enterprises who are also ignored or difficult to be supported by traditional commercial banks.

Sound Industry Risk Control System

Based on the real trading background, Silian designs product and approval rules by combining with the rick control concepts of financial institutions and complying with industry risk features. It serves both upstream and downstream customers through a convenient low-threshold acceptance standard, dynamically adjusting in the course of transaction, as well as realizing a multiple-contact follow-up, multi-dimension monitor and rapid response. We have formed an effective industry risk management system covering major risk categories e.g. market risk, credit risk, operation risk, and liquidity risk etc.

First Implementation of JD Finance, Xiaomi Finance

Silian cooperates with the domestic first-tier technology and finance platforms e.g. Tianxing Finance (former Xiaomi Finance) and JD Finance etc. to jointly create supply chain finance products applicable to plastic and rubber industry. Silian has became the first application enterprise within industry, which plays a positive role in promoting healthy development of industrial ecology.

Explore Collective Credit of Small and Micro Enterprises

To slove the sore pain of industry, Silian cooperates with finance and technology platforms to jointly explore the collective credit of small and micro enterprises. Through outputting credit model of subdivided trade structure, 360-degree customer portrait, historical performance data, industrial information, etc. Silian customizes supply chain finance products, solving difficult problem of credit assessment for small and micro enterprises at present, and providing financial products with better user experience with financial institutions.


"Information Service, Industrial Research Report, Digital Application"

Industrial Research

Silian establishes Research and Investment Center responsible for providing the industrial research reports on bulk materials and high polymer materials, which is divided into daily report, weekly report, monthly report and annual report etc. By utilizing the advantage of strong spot transaction of bulk materials, as well as learning and referring to successful experience domestically and globally, we has carried out a deep cooperation with domestic excellent asset management companies and futures companies, strengthening information communication and exchange on energy products, as well as establishing a win-win strategical cooperation partnership of information exchanging and mutual sharing of benefit.

In order to adapt to new trend of market development and enterprises' demands, Silian explored and promoted a new mode of integrating industry and finance based on derivative risk management service, serving the real economy, and Dalian Commodity Exchange collects a new batch of cultivation bases for integrating industry and finance. As a leading enterprise with rich experience in derivative market and continuously exploring new mode, Silian has officially signed with Dalian Commodity Exchange on the project of cultivation bases for integrating industry and finance on March 13, 2019. On December 10, 2021, DCE-SILIAN Industry and Finance Integration Cultivation Base 2nd Phase Training Class and "New Era for Industry and Finance Integration, New Journey for Industrial Upgrading" online training was successfully completed. This activity was the first free industry and finance integration training by means of online live broadcast for enterprises both inside and outside of industry, receiving a high focus and recognition within industry.

Digital Service Technology

Based on a good user experience, industrial service chain ecology, and outstanding IT technical capacity, plastic trade provides a comprehensive industrial chain value service, creating a mutual collaboration for trade, logistics, industry and finance integration, finance and e-commerce.

Intelligent Tool Enabling

Provide the intelligent services e.g. industrial research, consulting, price risk management, supply chain finance, Big Data, warehouse and logistics etc.